Mission Statement

Our mission at Upper Lonsdale Preschool is to offer a play-based program where children are welcome to explore, learn and grow together.

“Where else do you get to study the colour spectrum, view x-rays, grow potatoes and hatch chicks or ducklings?”

Two girls playing house


parent and child together

Preschool aged children have the opportunity to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual selves in a safe and caring child-centered environment that encourages self-esteem and independence, where tolerance, respect and consideration are given to all students. What’s best for each child, and each unique class as a whole, direct the school’s curriculum.

Upper Lonsdale Preschool encourages parents and caregivers to take part in the children’s preschool experiences by taking a role within the preschool (roles such as recycling family, play yard clean up, or for those interested stepping into a position on the parent executive board). Interested parents also have the opportunity to be a special parent visitor if they have something they would like to offer the class during group time. We offer an eclectic play-based program for 3- and 4-year-olds that builds on children’s natural curiosity, creativity and imagination. The program embodies respect, cooperation and open communication.

Since its conception in 1954, the preschool has created a niche in the Upper Lonsdale community and has given a good start in life to hundreds of alumni that hold their preschool years dear in their hearts and minds. We are a board-run non-profit preschool, overseen by Vancouver Coastal Health and regulated by the Government of British Columbia.

What Makes ULP Unique?

ULP is more than a preschool. It is a vibrant community of families. Parent involvement is a key component, fostering a sense of belonging. As a parent-involvement preschool, we offer tailored roles for families, promoting engagement without overwhelming commitments. We give you the chance to witness your child’s growth first hand, form lasting friendships, and share your unique traditions or skills, fostering a supportive environment where every child thrives.

Our eclectic program, rooted in over six decades of play-based learning, encourages children to explore their emotional and social skills through hands-on science adventures, baking exploration, discovery art, yoga and lots of outdoor time!

“Our accepting and playful environment lets children succeed and gives them space to make mistakes, all so essential in developing their self-esteem and independence.”

Meet Our Teachers

Erin Tommasi

Erin began working with Upper Lonsdale Preschool in December 2012, as our assistant teacher, alongside Pat Muller, who had been teaching at ULP since 1986. Upon Pat’s retirement in 2015, Erin became our head teacher. She did her Early Childhood Education (ECE) practicum at preschool, under Pat’s guidance, in 1998, and has been working in the ECE field since then. Erin then returned to ULP when her now 18-year-old daughter, Olivia, attended preschool here, so things have really come full circle for her! Erin’s philosophy is play based and she feels that, given the freedom to express themselves through play, children gain valuable skills and strengthen social relationships.

Lenora Moore

Lenora completed her ECE practicum in May 2017 at ULP and joined us next month as our new assistant teacher. Lenora is a mother of two inquisitive young adults and has her ECE as well as a degree in PhysEd from UBC. She believes that learning should be play based and fun, and that curriculum should be collaborative, emerging from the interests of the children as they interact with their environment and engage with their peers, teachers and family.

Our Teacher's Philosophy

“I believe that a play-based environment is very important for preschoolers. It is through play that children learn about themselves and the world around them. Each area of development: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual, is enhanced through play. Play is children’s work. I believe it is our responsibility to offer: A play-based environment with considerations to the developmental levels of each child. An environment that offers opportunities to experience successes, as well as opportunities for making mistakes and learning from them, thereby fostering independence and self-confidence.”