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Upper Lonsdale Preschool offers two programs tailored to different age groups:

A morning program from 9:15am – 11:45am designed for 3-year-olds and
an afternoon program from 12:45pm – 3:15pm catered to 4-year-olds.

Classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from September to mid-June, aligning with the public school system calendar.

With a focus on individualized attention, we maintain small class sizes—limited to 14 children for the morning session and 16 for the afternoon session—to ensure ample opportunities for one-to-one and small group interactions.

Children wishing to join in September must be 3 by December 31st, while those turning 3 before the end of March may enrol in January based on availability.

Creating Exciting Daily Experiences

Creating exciting daily experiences

Each day, your child will engage in a variety of educational activities, including:

Hands on science adventures that encourage children to explore the world around them through experiments, observation, and discovery. Children are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, and draw conclusions as we work through inquiry that excite and inform.

Creativity and teamwork are encouraged in our baking program. We offer an opportunity to build confidence and a joy of learning about food and nutrition through activities in measuring ingredients, kitchen safety, and practicing patience.

Our discovery art program focuses on process over product allowing children to explore materials and to experience their unique creativity through various mediums such as clay, paint, collage. Here they will develop fine motor skills and be allowed and encouraged to get messy!

Our yoga program, led by teacher Lenora, promotes physical fitness, flexibility, and mindfulness. The preschoolers learn basic poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises. They work to develop their focus and self awareness and imagination through fun stories and calming games.

Lenora has her kids yoga training certification with Rainbow Yoga.

Led by Early Childhood Educator and musician Ryan Sloan, our music sessions on Thursdays introduce children to rhythm, instruments, movement, and sound recognition. Through repetition of songs and fun activities like freeze dance, children enjoy exploring the world of music.

For more information about Ryan, please visit his Instagram page.

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Daily Rhythms and Routines

Each daily class is structured around four main units.

Our consistent schedule provides stability and predictability for preschoolers, which is essential for their emotional and cognitive development. By knowing what to expect each day, children feel secure and confident, allowing them to fully engage in learning and exploration and prepare themselves for Kindergarten. While the daily schedule remains consistent, teachers may occasionally adjust activities to suit the unique dynamics of the class.

In both sessions, children experience:

Free Play:
At ULP, children revel in the joy of unstructured play, fostering imagination and discovery through various activities. With a diverse array of options, from dress-up clothes to a water table, children are encouraged to explore their curiosity and creativity. They engage in individual and group projects, such as sewing, gardening, and cooking, learning about themselves and the world around them in natural and practical ways.

Snack Time:
Healthy snacks are provided daily by teachers. This time not only nourishes their bodies but also teaches valuable table manners and encourages lighthearted conversation and tasting of new foods.

Group Time:
This segment offers opportunities for storytelling, conversation, singing, and dancing, fostering communication and expression. Special visitors, like firefighters or librarians, often share their passions, enriching the learning experience.

Gym Time:
Children enjoy active play in our gym space using a variety of equipment to develop coordination and spatial awareness. From balls and balance beams to plasma cars, the gym provides a bustling environment where children can thrive physically and socially.

Outdoor Play:
Preschoolers benefit greatly from outdoor play, and at ULP, they have ample opportunities to explore and engage with nature. Outdoor play promotes physical development, boosts creativity, and enhances social skills as children interact with their peers in a natural setting. Whether they’re digging in the sandbox, making ‘fairy soups’, or observing wildlife, our outdoor play fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Space

Our classroom is a warm and inviting space with areas that accommodate varied interests and activities. Children can create at art stations, pretend in their own kitchen, build structures out of wooden blocks, daydream in the library and more!

Check out our space in the gallery at the bottom of this page or via our virtual open house.