Child Playing at ULP

We offer a play-based program that builds on children’s natural curiosity, creativity and imagination. The program embodies respect, cooperation and open communication.
There are two classes:

  • a morning program from 9:15am -11:45am (mainly for 3-years-olds)
  • an afternoon program from 12:45pm -3:15pm (for 4-years-olds)

Classes run Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from September to mid-June, on a calendar similar to the public school system.

Though the class size limit is 20, we typically enroll between 16 and 18 children in the class, depending on the age of the children and the class dynamic.

For entry in September, children must be 3 by December 31st. Children who turn 3 before the end of March, and are ready to start preschool, are welcome to start in January if space permits.

Morning and afternoon classes take place three days a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each day, the class consists of four major units. Occasionally, the teacher may adjust the flow, depending on the unique class dynamic for the day. The afternoon class includes identical program units, in a different sequence. Overall, each day includes:

Free Play

Children at ULP get to live the sheer joy of play, the adventure of discovery, limitless imagination and the excitement of sharing those moments with others.

At ULP, we dedicate at least an hour each day to free, unstructured, play. Daily, the children are offered a unique art or craft opportunity that they’re invited to take part in.
From a play house, to drawers of dress-up clothes, to a water table, the school has an array of options that entice the children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination and lead them to discoveries about themselves, those around them, and the world.
Frequently, children are involved in bigger projects that are either their own or the result of a group effort. They sew on buttons and make bags, plant – cook and eat – potatoes, plant flowers and herbs in a little garden and more. Most of all, they get to learn about the wonders of the world and being with others in natural and practical ways.

Snack Time

Snacks are included in the monthly tuition. The teachers prepare and serve healthy snacks each day. Snack time is a great opportunity to learn which table manners work better than others, and engage in a bit of (often amusing) conversation.

Group Time

Group time is the time to share stories, engage in a conversation, sing and dance. It’s a natural opportunity to communicate, express ideas and listen to those of others. At times, special visitors come to share their passion for their work, be it firefighters (in a truck!), a librarian or a dental hygienist.

Gym Time

Our children enjoy lots of play and exercise in the gym and, weather permitting, outside. The gym is equipped with balls, balance beams and climbing ladders, plasma cars, various vehicles, and a variety of equipment to match the skill and energy level of any child. They love the bustle of the room and develop coordination and spatial awareness.

Girl painting on bubble wrap

AM Class Schedule

PM Class Schedule

We are fortunate to have Ryan Sloan, an Early Childhood Educator and musician, lead us in a half-hour of music on Thursdays, for each class. Ryan introduces the children to rhythm, instruments, movement and sound recognition, through the repetition of songs and fun activities, like freeze dance. For more information on Ryan, please visit his Facebook page.

Chid Doing Yoga

We are excited to offer yoga classes this year lead by teacher Lenora. Lenora took an intensive kids yoga training certification class with Rainbow Yoga. Yoga takes place bi-weekly on Tuesdays for both the AM and PM class in the gym. It is a time for everyone to come together as a class and reconnect with our breath and our bodies and have fun! It melds storytime, yoga games and activities, and ends with a short guided relaxation exercise. The games are shaped around ideas and input from the children to keep it fluid and interactive.

Our classroom is a bright, open and lively space with areas that accommodate varied interests and activities. Children can create at art stations, pretend in their own kitchen, build structures out of wooden blocks, daydream in the library and more!